Go Cup - Smiley Planet

Designed by Brian Lee, Ko Chun, Whitnie Lau

‘Go Cup’ campaign was organized by Smiley Planet.  It aims to encourage citizens and diners to bring their own cups to eateries instead of using disposable ones.


This project was able to make a successful transition from lesson to practise as our participate in

off-campus activities.In this eco-enthusiasm has driven us to serve as student helpers for three years to Smiley Planet, a local green enterprise, where we met and are inspired by sustainability professionals and learned a lot of new environmental things. 


In Hong Kong, takeaway culture is popular and there is high volume of using paper cup per day.  Every time you buy a takeaway drink, you receive a cup, a lid, a stirring stick, a straw, a sleeve or plastic bag. The 5 minutes that you’ve used to consume your drink equals to the life span of these takeaway items, and into the landfill they go, taking decades or even much longer period of time to break down.

Every detail can be a key to reduce the waste. When we use Go cup, we aim to reduce waste as mush as possible. The Little things make a big impact.