Brian's Design Manifesto

Every life is a miracle. Everything starts from a dot. All living things are born from a point.

A dot of cell...

A dot of sperm…

A dot of seed...

A dot of idea...

I believe every design should start from a point - a point of idea, passion or perspective…

I do believe every design has a life. 


I am Brian Lee

I'm a Product designer Hong Kong based, who loves clean, simple & unique design. 

I am also interested in social issues, green life and brand building. 

To The Point

Turning a common thing into something special just by offsetting a single element is a true mastery of the designer. Or, to look at it from an opposite angle, it can be morn about adding the right detail to an ordinary object to make it whole. Or, it can be simply about finding the right fit.

However you choose to look at it, simple solutions that are correct and innovative at the same time, are the handstand most fulfilling ones. This is what I strive for as a designer, and this is the message of my logo.

Everything starts from a Dot

 “Wassily Kandinsky”

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